Saturday, July 2, 2011

What do you think of my lyrics? ;D ?

First attempt so fire at will! I can't put chords to them or anything
as I don't have a band or guitar :')

I said God bless the believers,
shed a tear for the decievers,
watched the memories of our future,
fall like stars into the sky.

Maybe one day I'll return with,
everything that we believed in,
and all the hopes and dreams we built,
well they'll come alive.

So now I'm sleeping on my own,
you knocked me down I'm too far gone,
So will you hold me through the night,
or meet me on the other side?

Your love was laced with cyanide,
and on your lips the biggest lie,
I'm bleeding through my tears.
Don't cry to me when your kingdom falls,
I'm not the girl that you fell for,
you're drowning in your fears.

Chorus x2

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