Thursday, May 30, 2013

'Catching Fire' Capitol Couture Tumblr Features Effie Trinket Profile and Panem Fashion

Fashionistas and “Hunger Games” fans alike can find common ground at Capitol Couture, the Lionsgate-sanctioned Tumblr that’s been re-launched to promote the next installment of the hit action series, “Catching Fire.”

The site is stuffed to the gills with content, featuring a day-in-the-life profile of District 12’s Capitol escort, Effie Trinket, and a lookbook of clothing items that would be at home in each of Panem’s districts. (A large scarf will help keep you warm in the cold District 8 climate, for example, or a dress made from dehydrated eggplants would fit in well with District 11’s lush vegetation.)

It’s a clever marketing ploy that works on many levels, both giving fans of the series a taste of some of the fashion they can expect to see in “Catching Fire,” while offering a deeper, winking understanding of the clueless Capitol residents’ fetishization of lavish luxury and their out-of-touch outlook on the rest of the country’s subjects.

“The Capitol Elite support the victors as they tour Panem with 12 District-inspired looks,” the site’s copy reads. “As Effie Trinket said, ‘…district ruins are going to be all the rage this year’.”

It looks like Capitol Couture will be updated fairly frequently before “Catching Fire” hits theaters November 22 -- Issue One of its Chroma Nouveau online mag is live on the site now -- so check back often to see what sort of looks Effie, Katniss, and other tributes will be sporting in the next installment. And may the fashion odds be ever in your favor.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

'Poltergeist' Reboot May Actually Be a Sequel

A remake of ‘80s cult horror classic “Poltergeist” was announced in 2011, but not much information about the project had been scared up until now. What was once thought to be a complete reboot might instead be a sequel, if two recent reports are to be believed.

Earlier this week, Bloody Disgusting posted a short synopsis of the movie, which would follow a similar trajectory to the original, focusing this time on the Bowen family (the Freelings were featured in the original) and their young daughter, Madison, who’s abducted by the titular ghosts. Like the original, a team of paranormal investigators would be recruited to help bring Madison home; in the new version, the family matriarch can also communicate with the dead.

But while that summary certainly sounds like a direct remake of the first “Poltergeist” film, Moviehole posted some additional plot details a few days later that seem to indicate the new movie will follow in the footsteps of this year’s “Evil Dead” update -- keeping the name and a few select details of the original while presenting an entirely new plot.

The site says the film will exist in the same universe as the previous “Poltergeist” movies (there were three altogether), and that the Bowen family moves into the Freelings’s former home many years later. There they find abandoned possessions belonging to the family -- including a black-and-white television set -- and come upon some of the same suspicious occurrences that plagued the house’s former owners.

Sam Raimi’s involvement as producer would indicate that the “Evil Dead” trajectory theory isn’t too far off from what filmmakers have in mind. We’ll see what director Gil Kenan (“Monster House”) has in store soon -- the movie is set to start shooting later this year.

LEGO Made A Full Scale X-Wing!

There are only a handful of ways to experience the world of "Star Wars" for yourself, but most of them are pretty lame. You could buy a replica lightsaber, but it won't actually work. You could go to Disney World, but that Darth Vader is someone's nephew and will probably break into dance before long.
But for the 30th anniversary of the folks over at LEGO gave MTV Geek a chance to get close to an X-Wing that's as big of as the real thing... but you know, made out of LEGOs.
Fun fact: The entire thing took more than 5.3 million individual bricks to build and weighs (internal steel skeleton included) 46,000 pounds.