Thursday, December 22, 2011

'Whale Wars' back for more

Animal Planet's "Whale Wars" has been renewed for a fifth season after months of back-and-forth over whether the show's protags, a militant animal-rights group called the Sea Shepherds, would be able to find any whalers to chase away after apparently scaring away Japanese whaling concern the Institute of Cetacean Research at the end of season four. The Sea Shepherd campaign chronicled in season five will return to the waters around Antarctica, where whaling by the ICR continues. Even in the trailer for the coming season, Animal Planet prexy and g.m. Marjorie Kaplan teases that this may be the last season for the show; the Sea Shepherds have created plenty of international tension with the ICR, which is backed by the Japanese government. Japanese whalers contend that the ICR's activities are legal and above board; the Sea Shepherds say the company's stated agenda is a smokescreen and that its harpooning and processing of whales violates the moratorium on whaling in international waters. Contact Sam Thielman at

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Anchor Bay picks up 'Justice'

Anchor Bay Films has picked up the U.S. rights to the Nicolas Cage thriller "Seeking Justice," formerly titled "The Hungry Rabbit Jumps," and set a March 16 theatrical release. The Roger Donaldson-directed film co-stars January Jones and Guy Pearce. "Justice" was produced by Endgame Entertainment's James D. Stern along with Ram Bergman and Material Entertainment's Tobey Maguire and Jenno Topping. Bill Clark, president of Anchor Bay Entertainment, made the announcement Wednesday. Cage stars as a dedicated inner-city high school teacher happily married to an accomplished musician (portrayed by Jones). They enjoy a comfortable life until the wife's brutally assaulted -- leading Cage's character to accept an offer from a man to dispense immediate justice. He's then pulled into an underground vigilante organization. Contact Dave McNary at

Pay cablers achieve to the grey zone

HBOs one-on-one chat Mel Brooks and Dick Cavett Back Together Again remembers Hollywoods senior class. HBO's programming-quilt philosophy means individual programs need not attract an especially wide audience. As lengthy as passionate subsets keep signing up for components as disparate as boxing, movies, documentaries, and original series from "True Bloodstream" to "Curb Your Enthusiasm," the channel's model yields returns.Possibly this is exactly why pay TV seems to represent among individuals couple of bastions within the youth-obsessed media in which the quilt reserves samples -- silently, with little fanfare, there within the corner -- for grandmother and grand daddy.It is a little early to call grey the brand new black. But you will find more signs pay TV is realizing senior citizens' money is as eco-friendly as anybody else's. Besides, for individuals not just a few beer marketers, attractive to a demographic a lot of the media has left out within the snow, metaphorically speaking, has its own advantages.HBO's documentaries have lengthy shown this inclination, including recent profiles of Gloria Steinem and Harry Belafonte. This is not to express individuals projects do not have relevance today, that the styles speak more to individuals who have been sentient throughout their early contributions to feminism and civil privileges.The funnel has additionally found different ways to celebrate Hollywood's emeritus class, like the wonderful one-on-one chat featuring Mel Brooks, Dick Cavett along with a cameo by Carl Reiner -- a trio that totals nearly one fourth-millennium of mirth.Apparently removing a webpage from that playbook, Encore will devote a number of its original-programming budget now to "Approach to the Madness of Jerry Lewis," a documentary tribute towards the octogenarian who, like Brooks and Reiner, demonstrates comedy is really a effective protecting agent.Even HBO's scripted fare has become in to the act. The network just offered a preview of their horseracing drama "Luck," where the majority of the marquee names -- including Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Farina, Nick Nolte and Michael Gambon, together with director Michael Mann and author supreme David Milch -- are gone 65.On the other hand, consider the Academy awards, which after its youth-movement hosting test out Hathaway As Catwoman and James Franco found itself inside a public-relations jam and retreated towards the safety and comfort of Billy Very, who's over the age of the pair of them combined.Possibly it's really no accident the film "Red-colored" is within pay TV rotation on TMC, showing it truly is possible, financially speaking, to become of sufficient age to retire and become very harmful.Granted, this range of good examples hardly qualifies like a turnaround of tides tugging within the other direction. Contrary, his or her demographic profiles migrate upward tv stations are much more wanting to corral more youthful audiences, which describes the giddiness surrounding CBS' "2 Broke Women" and Fox's "New Girl," that have carried out disproportionately well among individuals under 35. Oddly, one rarely listens to similar crowing concerning the strong 50-plus pull of "Harry's Law" and "Blue Bloods."There is no denying some condescension has crept into depictions of senior citizens, but possibly eclipsing that's the novelty factor: A lot continues to be completed to expunge older figures from certain media quadrants, seeing them provides something of the unpredicted kick, which partly describes the Betty Whitened craze that all of a sudden had her appearing everywhere.Integrating such projects on pay TV also reflects a shrewd realization concerning the transactional character of media, where people progressively pay directly for what's consumed with no advertising intermediary.Under individuals terms, you can program for an older audience, whose money is not reduced in the manner the need for their patronage is one kind of media purchasers. And also, since many senior citizens are really faring much better than their progeny in the present economy, they are prime candidates to pay for the toll to gain access to programs focusing on them.The media preoccupation with youth is simply too deeply ingrained to create a wholesale change -- even just in the minds of older baby seniors, frankly, who've a difficult time considering themselves his or her parents' age. Because the animation great Chuck Johnson, then 84, once told an interviewer, "I simply seem like a youthful guy that has something the problem with him."Nonetheless, if pay channels fine-tune their mix to take advantage of these demographic designs -- finding a silver lining, to quote the Grateful Dead, in a little grey -- it will not be just dumb luck. Contact John Lowry at

Monday, December 12, 2011

Middleditch in Warners' team of 'Rivals'

"Fun Size" thesp Thomas Middleditch has joined the cast of "Rivals," the Jay Roach-directed Warner Bros. comedy that's currently shooting in New Orleans. Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis star as rival politicians running for a congressional seat in a small North Carolina district election. Middleditch will play a slacker who works with Galifianakis' character. The rest of the pic's supporting cast includes Dylan McDermott, Jason Sudeikis, John Lithgow and Brian Cox. Earlier this year, Middleditch was named one of Variety's 10 Comics to Watch, as he regularly performs at the UCB Theatre and in College Humor videos. Thesp, who will soon be seen alongside Paul Dano and Robert De Niro in Paul Weitz's "Being Flynn," is also attached to star in Scot Armstrong's comedy "Road to Nardo." Additionally, Middleditch just received a pilot order from MTV for his animated project "Worst Friends Forever" that he will voice and exec produce with Mike Judge, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky. Middleditch is repped by WME and Kirsten Ames Management. Contact Jeff Sneider at

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sadface Emoticon: Alec Baldwin Leaves Twitter

Alec Baldwin, one of our chirpiest and most opinionated tweeters, has apparently given up Twitter altogether. The 30 Rock star and Oscar nominee fled the site following an incident in which American Airlines booted him off a plane for playing Words With Friends and for being violent, abusive, and aggressive. All that remains of his Twitter is the handle name and the word “Deactivated.” Sad, sad day. Thrust your American flag at the sky and never forget his above-average GOP putdowns. [@AlecBaldwin]

Oscar P La Hoya: Alec Baldwin Airline travel Snafu Blown From Proportion

First Launched: December 7, 2011 3:44 PM EST Credit: WireImage Caption Alec Baldwin / inset: Oscar P La HoyaLOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Fellow top quality passenger Oscar P La Hoya, who observed Alec Baldwins airline travel Words With Pals snafu on Tuesday, mentioned the whole situation was exaggerated. Carrying out a incident, where Alec was told through your flight attendant to demonstrate his iPad while playing typically the most popular gaming after which it eventually situated on another flight, American Airline carriers released a disagreement. This passenger declined to demonstrate his cell phone when asked for to get this done if needed. The passenger ultimately was up (while using car seatbelt light still on for departure) and needed his phone to the planes lavatory. He condemned the lavatory door so desperately, the cockpit crew heard it and increased being alarmed, regardless of the cockpit door closed and locked, the airline travel mentioned in the statement released around the Facebook account. They immediately contacted the cabin crew to judge the issue. The passenger was very rude for the crew, providing them with a phone call inappropriate names and ultizing offensive language. Due to the particulars above, the passenger was removed the flight and declined boarding. The boxing great, however, stood a different undertake the issue. There wasnt no slamming of entrance doors reely such as this. I'm speaking about, it absolutely was, In my opinion, blown from proportion, Oscar told Access Hollywood on Wednesday. I've no clue him perfectly but he made an appearance as being a good guy. He preferred to experience his words game! I'm speaking about, thats all he preferred to complete! Alecs repetition, Matthew Hiltzik, needed to Twitter to talk about the issue, Tweeting, hey @AMERICAN_AA: Why ok 4 other top class people 2 tweet while @alecbaldwin asked for to go away when using the his device? #hypocrisy first clss passngers can tweet, but @alecbaldwin asked for to go away? Carrying out a incident, Alec deactivated his account, while not before delivering out any Tweet from the photo getting a caption that read, Let Alec play. Copyright 2011 by NBC Universal, Corporation. All rights reserved. These elements is probably not launched, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Contemporary company directors: Stylists or shape-shifters?

Chris Weitz went in the 'New Moon' undead to 'A Better Existence.''Moneyball' marked a change for 'Capote' director Bennett Burns.Woodsy Allen ("Night time in Paris") likes therapeutically confessional tete-a-tetes laced with jokes. David Fincher ("The Lady Using the Dragon Tattoo") favors a crisply beautiful visual and purposeful camera moves. Steven Spielberg ("War Equine," "The Adventures of Tintin") choreographs onscreen action like nobody else.These company directors -- together with many more within the running for Golden Globes this season -- might be stated to possess identifiable styles, even if the topic matters and locations change, as when Allen exchanged NY for Europe, and Fincher swapped serial murders this past year for computer brainiacs.Other Oscar challengers, however, are not as easy to pin lower.You will find filmmakers like Stephen Daldry, who's vaulted from the dancing British lad ("Billy Eliott") to a few time-hopping literary adaptations ("The Hrs," "The Readers"), and today includes a publish-9/11 childlike adventure occur NY ("Very Noisy and extremely Close"). Is he a chameleon?How about Bennett Burns, who's gone in the rarefied realm of a mid-twentieth century literary icon ("Capote") to Mlb as it is performed today ("Moneyball"). Does he possess a stylistic thumbprint? Or is he going to turn to be considered a shape-shifter?"It's difficult to understand yet," states Style film critic John Forces about Miller's work. "They are both brilliant outsider movies, shot with increased detachment than you normally expect. There's careful framework, and they are both rather quiet."Director Chris Weitz, who moved gears from the massive franchise follow up (2009's "The Twilight Saga: New Moon") for this year's more compact father/boy drama "A Much Better Existence," is one particular filmmaker who would rather never result in the same movie two times."I never would like to get pigeonholed," states Weitz, who loved going from the heavily storyboarded, CGI-wealthy world like "New Moon" to something small, location-dependent -- "A Much Better Existence" utilized 69 locations around La -- and contingent on the realistic depiction of urban existence."In ways, it is a disadvantage, career-smart, because individuals prefer to connect you with one factor, or perhaps a particular style. However I just attempt to suit myself to regardless of the material reaches hands. I do not possess a single unifying theme that I am always enthusiastic about fleshing out."He is doing admit one visual tic, though. "I love turning your camera upside lower, for whatever reason,Inch Weitz adds, having a laugh. "I'm not sure why."Daldry, meanwhile, characteristics his body of labor to date to self-referred to Catholic tastes. "I am attracted to some whole number of different tales," he states. "I believe it's intentional. I never prefer to pigeonhole myself. It comes down to the passions and enthusiasms which i uncover."This means the material ultimately dictates the design and style used, Daldry notes. "Form always follows content.""J. Edgar" helmer Clint Eastwood, however, includes a typically unvarnished directorial style that may have your style in throughout the studio system era."The way in which he composes shots is extremely old-fashioned," states Forces. "His feeling of rhythm is slightly pokier than modern. His stuff frequently inhales and it has the feelings of the old-fashioned movie. I believe it's among his benefits."It comes from a belief in never pandering for an audience, based on Eastwood's longtime cinematographer, Tom Stern. The director's fondness for any sometimes overpoweringly dark lighting plan of shadows and shades of black, for instance, isn't just a stylistic choice, but a means of "strengthening the audience's imagination," states Stern."Particularly in the Hoover picture, where you have someone who is not really black and whitened, it simply felt very appropriate," Stern states. "Sometimes, whether it's real dark, I'll say 'Is this OK?' And (Eastwood) will say, 'We're in reel three from the film they are fully aware who it's.A And he's absolutely correct. Should you satisfy the silhouette in reel one, he then becomes the silhouette in reel three."Overall, Weitz examines directors' styles as growing from the way they experienced filmmaking. Did other interests -- like theater or writing -- come first? Or were they cinephiles from in early stages?InchYou will find independent artists who came in internet marketing simply because they were considering movies ever since they were 12, nobody possess a stylistic factor they have taken care of within their minds," he states. "For me personally, I have been learning since my first day on the film set. However I think other people need to make an appearance of labor that demonstrates who they really are.InchGold GLOBE UPDATE Nixing the hijinx jinx Contemporary company directors: Stylists or shape-shifters? Stateside sitcoms mixed overseas Honours aren't goal of HFPA giving TV biz buys into back burner Globes role Memorable moments in the Globes Contact the range newsroom at

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vital In Predicts Acquire Fantasy Novel Daughter Of Smoke And Bone

EXCLUSIVE: Vital Pictures is settling a deal inside the $700,000 range to obtain screen rights to Daughter Of Smoke and Bone, the Laini Taylor novel that was launched late September by Little, Brown Books For Youthful Site visitors. There is elevated fascination with it among art galleries–I’ve heard two others made bids–because from the chance of the massive, visual effects-driven fantasy film that could communicate with a young audience. The protagonist can be a 17-years of age art student who's sent by her awful father on travels all over the world to collect teeth with an unspecified but creepy purpose. This leads her to have an encounter by getting an angel and details about her family adding her into adventures including otherworldly animals. The sale’s dirty, nevertheless the book’s being brokered by Jane Putch (who’s attached as professional producer) and attorney Peter Nelson.

Kristin Cavallari Is Engaged... Again!

Kristin Cavallari Kristin Cavallari may have suffered a broken engagement earlier this year, but all is mended. The former Hills star and her boyfriend Jay Cutler got re-engaged over the weekend. On Wednesday, Cavallari tweeted the news, "This time it's official... Jay and I are engaged again :)" Report: Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler end their engagement The reality TV star, who also competed on Dancing With the Stars, and Chicago Bears quarterback were previously engaged, but he called if off in July. Do you think they'll stick it out this time?