Monday, February 25, 2013

Watch All Of Seth MacFarlane's Oscars 2013 Celebrity Jabs

People on the internet can't seem to decide on how Seth MacFarlane did as the host of the Oscars. Either he was funny or sexist or edgy or dated, or he was all of these and no one could decide among the adjectives.

Thankfully, VH1 has put together a compilation of MacFarlane's most biting jokes from his opening monologue. That way, you can review the evidence and decide for yourself whether the host sucked, rocked, or fell somewhere in between.
Did MacFarlane's Lincoln joke go too far, even 150 years later? What about the Chris Brown-Rihanna jab? MacFarlane certainly threw a lot of punches; we're just not so sure about how many he landed.