Thursday, December 27, 2012

Honorable Mentions of 2012: 'Argo'

You've seen our Top Ten of 2012 list, but now let's take a look back at the movies that just missed the cut. These are our Honorable Mentions of 2012.
What the hell happened to Ben Affleck? The guy goes from being a punch line to being the director Warner Bros. supposedly wanted for their big "Justice League" effort.
You want to know how he did it? He made his movies.


Instead of being just the next actor to try his hand at directing, Affleck took another road. He found the grown-up stories that he wanted to tell and made them in intelligent ways. Every step of the way, with "Gone Baby Gone," "The Town," and now "Argo," Affleck has made his film. They aren't large in scale. There isn't a ton of action or enough humor to fill out a trailer, but they are made for adults, never assuming that the audience is dumb. With "Argo," Affleck to another step forward in refining that formula.
Based on the true story of Americans trapped in a hostile Iran, "Argo" took a chapter of history that was only recently declassified to the public and made it into a fantastic thriller that's actually one part Hollywood satire. So what if the entire airport sequence was embellished for drama? You didn't breathe once during it.
Up next, Affleck may attempt to make Stephen King's epic novel "The Stand" into a film, but here's to hoping that he doesn't forget the type of movies he's been making.

Friday, December 14, 2012

J.J. Abrams and Alex Kurtzman talk Star Trek Into Darkness

After the recent teaser trailer set excitement levels hurtling through the roof, questions have been asked as to how Benedict Cumberbatch’s character will fit into the general plot of Star Trek Into Darkness.


All we really know so far is that he’s named “Harrison”, that he used to be part of Starfleet and that he shares a history with the crew. Now, some of the creative team have dropped a few hints as to what we might expect, but predictably, it’s all fairly vague.“Well without revealing too much,” begins screenwriter Alex Kurtzman, “what I can tell you is that in the same spirit as 'can the Enterprise be under water? What does that mean? How are we going to justify this? How are we going to explain it?’ We went back and we talked a lot about things that made us want to make the first movie in the first place as fans. “And what do we feel was successful for the fans. A lot of that had to do with honoring the history - honoring the show. But we also want to come up with a way to make the stories feel fresh and unpredictable. So without revealing too much, we applied the same thinking to Harrison.”Hmm, that certainly doesn’t reveal too much, does it? Director J.J. Abrams was similarly cagey, although his comments did succeed in cranking our anticipation levels up even further…“The whole thing, not just his backstory, but his agenda, his plan, his secret…” explains Abrams, “all that is what, for me at least, makes him such a frightening and cool villain.”

Friday, November 30, 2012

Monsters University Teaser Posters Land


Less Animal House, more Monster House...

Before you look at the new Monsters University teaser posters below, know this: you are about to have serious letterman jacket envy. Damn you, MU, damn you.Frustratingly, even if you head over to the still-really-rather-impressive Monsters University website, there's no way you can order yourself a proper letterman jacket. Disney! Pixar! Have you no mercy? Anyway, here are the posters in question, one with Mike & Sully in their dorm and another complete with some appropriately-titled books littering the floor. Would you read 'Scareonomics' if it was in your local library? It's a pretty safe bet...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mike Newell Talks Reykjavik

Mike Newell is one of cinema's most reliable and talented dramatists, and, with a back catalogue featuring Four Weddings And A Funeral, Donnie Brasco and now Great Expectations, he has a gift for versatility, too. His next project, Reykjavik, shifts forward 150 years or so to 1986 and the pivotal peace talks between Ronald Reagan (Michael Douglas) and Mikhail Gorbachev (Christoph Waltz).


"It's a story about human contact being established in a desert where it shouldn't exist", Newells told Empire of his historical drama, "and against all the odds it does. It's a triumph of the human spirit."

The director describes it as an origin story for the end of the Cold War, which pits Reagan and Gorbachev in an odd-couple East-meets-West relationship upon which, as Hollywood tagline man might put it, 'the fate of the entire world hangs". Red Heat in an overcoat? Could be.Unsurprisingly, the city of Reykjavik is on the shooting schedule for next year, as well Studio Babelsberg in Potsdam, earmarked for interiors work. Newell expects to start working with Waltz and Douglas - both currently shooting elsewhere - in late December or early in the new year. "We have to get the hair right", says the director of the make-up task ahead, "because Reagan was so vain about his hair - and obviously the birthmark and the baldness for Christoph Waltz." Better keep Frank Drebin away from the set.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Saw director James Wan will helm MacGyver


Hit TV show and frequent source of Simpsons mickey-taking MacGyver is getting a big-screen adaptation, with a less than likely name slated to fill the director's chair.James Wan, the director of horror shockers Saw and Insidious, is reportedly set to be helming the project, in one of the more surprising directorial appointments of recent years.For those of you unfamiliar with the TV show, MacGyver was a secret agent with an aversion to guns and a predilection for homemade gadgets and gizmos. He was the kind of chap who could take down a whole cartel of baddies armed only with a biro and a pack of Blu-Tack.The character was the loose inspiration for recent parody flick MacGruber, but it seems that film's flaccid box-office performance hasn't dissuaded New Line for giving the original a new lease of life.Wan will be directing from a script originally written by Jason Richman and reworked by Brian and Mark Gunn, with work set to begin on the project in the coming months. As for who should play MacGyver, get those suggestions in to the comments board below…

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

‘Big Bang Theory’s Kevin Sussman & John Ross Bowie Sell Toon Comedy To Amazon

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Nellie AndreevaEXCLUSIVE: Writing team John Ross Bowie and Kevin Sussman, actors best known for their roles on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, have sold an animated workplace comedy project to Amazon. Titled Dark Minions, the comedy is set on an evil space station where two opinionated misfits are squeezed into working for “the man.” Peter Principato, Paul Young and Joel Zadak of Principato-Young, which manages Bowie, will executive produce, with Bowie and Sussman co-executive producing and Sussman’s manager Jill McGrath serving as a producer.

image image
Bowie and Sussman met and became friends while guest starring together on The Big Bang Theory, where they have recurred as Leonard and Sheldon’s nemesis Barry Kripke and comic book store owner Stuart, respectively. Sussman was promoted to a regular going into this season. Bowie and Sussman’s spec Dark Minions caught the attention of Sony TV last year, leading to the studio backing the duo’s comedy The Ever After Part, which sold to Fox last season, and The Second Coming Of Rob, loosely based on Bowie’s life, which sold to CBS in July. The writing team is additionally repped by APA.
Amazon has been ramping up original comedy and children programming development. Amazon Studios, the content development division of the online retailer, is finalizing a deal for its first  ...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Confirms She'll Play Elizabeth Taylor in New Film

Jonathan Keltz Entourage actor Jonathan Keltz will guest-star on an upcoming episode of Fairly Legal, has learned exclusively.USA sets premiere dates for final season of In Plain Sight, return of Fairly LegalKeltz, who played Ari's assistant Jake on Entourage, will appear in the 10th episode of the second season as Jacob Matthews, a former high school star quarterback who was the main suspect in the disappearance of his girlfriend Carmen. At the time, Jacob claimed to not have seen her the day she went missing, but now six years later, her remains have been recovered and evidence suggests he was lying.Besides Entourage, Keltz's credits include the film Prom and guest spots on Breakout Kings, CSI: Miami and Leverage.Fairly Legal returns for its second season on Friday, March 16 at 9/8c on USA.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

South usa Identity Crook Arrested Using Fake ID With Photo of Jack Nicholson

File under bonehead move throughout your day: A 41-year-some guy in Recife, South usa was arrested and charged with using false documents and falsification of public document because he attempted to start a checking account with plenty of fake IDs within the possession, including one getting an image of Jack Nicholson. According to (with the Daily What), the accused was trying to start a forex account inside the title of just one John Pedro dos Santos when government physiques caught on. "There is no resemblance involving the suspect and actor," notes the very first report. Closer inspection pegs the photo as Nicholson's 2003 portrait by acclaimed digital digital photographer Martin Schoeller, launched inside the pages of EW in the past... so no less than the man's got good taste? [Globo with the Daily What]

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tight Race For #1: Safe House $23.9M, The Vow $23.6M, Ghost Driver $22M, Journey 2 $20M, This Means War $17.5M

SUNDAY AM, 4th UPDATE:In my opinion we would like the U.S. electoral college to find out who’s winning box office this Presidents Weekend.Rival art galleries say that Universal’s Safe House is edging The brand new the new sony Pictures/Screen Gems’ The Vow for that 3-dayweekend as well as the 4-day holiday. (Just like a The brand new the new sony professional e-mailed me Saturday evening: I realize they’re ahead $400K tonight. We'd a $900K lead yesterday. I’d say close but we have good shot to win.”) Either in situation holdovers are beating all the new films as well as the U . s . States box office is big. Here’sTopTen (according to 3-day weekend amounts): 1. Safe House (Universal) Week 3 [3,121 Theaters] Friday $6.5M, Saturday $9.7M 3-Day Weekend $23.9M (40%), Est 4-Day Holiday $28.5M, Est Cume $82M 2. The Vow (Screen Gems/The brand new the new sony) Week 2 [2,958 Theaters] Friday $7.4M, Saturday $9.2M, 3-Day Weekend $23.6M (-43%), Est 4-Day Holiday $27.4M, Est Cume $89M 3. Ghost Driver: Spirit Of Vengeance 3d (The brand new the new sony) NEW [3,174 Theaters] Friday $7M, Saturday $8.7M 3-Day Weekend $22M, Est 4-day Holiday $25.5M 4. Journey 2: Mysterious Island3D (Warner Bros) Week 2 [3,500 Theaters] Friday $4.4M, Saturday $8.4M 3-Day Weekend $20M (-27%), Est 4-Day Holiday $25.7M, Est Cume $58.9M 5. This Means War (Fox) NEW [3,189 Theaters] Tuesday Sneaks $1.6M, Friday $5.6M, Saturday $6.8M 3-Day Weekend $17.5M, Est 4-Day Holiday $20.7M, Est Cume $22.2M 6. Alien 3d (Luscafilms/Fox) Week 2 [2,655 Theaters] Friday $1.9M, Saturday $3.3M 3-Day Weekend $7.8M (-65%), Est 4-Day Holiday $9.2M, Est Cume $35.1M 7. Chronicle (Fox) Week 3 [2,556 Theaters] Friday $2M, Saturday $3.1M 3-Day Weekend $7.5M, 4-Day Holiday $8.2M, Est Cume $51.8M 8. Lady In Black (CBS Films) Week 3 [2,559 Theaters] Friday $1.9M, Saturday $2.7M 3-Day Weekend $6.6M, Est 4-Day Holiday $7.8M, Est Cume $46.5M 9. Secret Arena Of Arrietty (Studio Ghibli/Disney) NEW [1,522 Theaters] Friday $1.7M, Saturday $2.5M 3-Day Weekend $6.3M,Est 4-Day Holiday $8.1M 10. The Grey (Open Road) Week 4 [2,107 Theaters] Friday $785K, Saturday $1.3M 3-Day Weekend $3M, Est 4-Day Holiday $3.4M, Est Cume $48.3 FRIDAY PM/SATURDAY AM, second UPDATE: Another nailbiter. All the art galleries say the new the new sony Pictures/Screen Gems’hefty holdoverThe Vow will finish off #1 for Friday with between $7.1M and $7.5M according to whose amounts prove correct. Furthermore, it will capture the extended holiday, which causes it to be the finest Screen Gems movie ever. (Dear Johnmade $80M).However The new the new sony, whichis searching inside a 1-2 finish Friday,is cautioning me the outlet gross due to its 3d comic adaptationGhost Driver: Spirit Of Vengeance “could go greater since the evening continues”. And so the order might change by 'life was imple'.(But not likely, roughly the comfort of Hollywood predictions. “Ghost Driver‘s opening will probably be half from the 2007 original,” an foe studio professional notifies me.Snarks another: “Oncethey started advertising it with Nic Cage, it went downhill.”) A couple of days ago, Universal’s action holdover Safe Home will probably fight Ghost Driver 2 for second place all holiday extended. Clearly this 4-day Presidents Weekend box office is starting out perfectly — maybe $180M, ongoing the ‘up’ streak. That’s +4% over a year ago butshort in the 2010 Prez Day record of$238M which incorporated Valentine’s Day. What's apparent already is always that thosestrong Valentine’s Day sneak previewsdidn’thelp Foxdebut This Means War Friday far better.Not remarkably, after times of soppy monitoring and moving off its VDay release date, it’ll fall by Saturday behind Warner Bros’ holdoverJourney 2: The Mysterious Island because of its large family matinee bump. Gotta say: when Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, and Tom Sturdy combined can’topen a movie to $20Mover a 4-day holiday with Micrograms pointing, something is hinky. In my opinion everyone is fatigued with romantic comedy, even if that certain had plenty of action and anot-too-lame premise, andis choosingThe Vow‘s romantic drama for something different-up.Disney had suprisingly low anticipation due to its latest Studio Ghibli toon from Japan. But even ifThe Secret Arena Of Arrietty looks likethis extended weekend’s large flop, Fridaywill function as finest opening from the Ghibli film. Full analysis when thenumbers firm. — 1 PM: Rentrak gets issues with hourly grosses which put a pause on analyzing matinee amounts. Nevertheless it lookslikethis 4-day Leader’s Holiday weekend will finish off strong.At this time around for today,The brand new the new sony Pictures’sequelGhostrider: Spirit Of Vengeanceis opening just pennies from Universal’s holdover Safe House and also the new the new sony Pictures The Vow (because order).Fox newcomer This Means War isahead of Warner Bros’ holdover Journey 2.Order by weekend’s finish may be same.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ana Ortiz To Lead The Cast Of Marc Cherrys ABC Pilot Devious Maids

EXCLUSIVE: Ana Ortiz is back at ABC. The Ugly Betty alumna has been tapped to play the central character in the ABC pilot Devious Maids, from Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry. Based on the Mexican format, the soap follows four maids with ambition and dreams of their own while they work for the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. Leading the quartet is Marisol (Ortiz), a college-educated woman who has a secret agenda for finding work as a domestic in the upscale neighborhood. Her beloved son has recently been convicted of murder, and Marisol is intent on finding out what she can about the case. Ortiz joins recently cast Dania Ramirez. Ortiz, repped by Gersh, manager Geordie Frey and attorney Brad Small, most recently appeared in Martin Lawrences Big Mamma: Like Father Like Son and did an arc on HBO’s Hung.

Fox wins Thursday among odd aud totals

Though "The Large Bang Theory" ongoing to trump "The American Idol ShowInch within the first half an hour of primetime Thursday, Fox's singing competition didn't have problem delivering the network a victory for that evening. Each one of the broadcast systems remain bedeviled by a general drop in TV viewing which has happened the majority of the week, raising questions regarding whether something may be failing using the Nielsen amounts, but ongoing trends continued to be very similar. Based on preliminary excellent from Nielsen, "Large Bang" (5. rating/15 be part of 18-49, 15.5 million audiences overall) aped other programs in showing per week-to-week drop, but nonetheless outdrew "The American Idol ShowInch with a .4 rating within the demo and 500,000 audiences from 8-8:30 p.m. "Idol" (5./13, 16.5 million from 8-10 p.m.) peaked from 8:30-9 p.m., though CBS' 8:30 p.m. sitcom "Take advantage of" (3.2/9, 10.9 million) really came near to matching its week-earlier amounts. With "30 Rock" (1.4/4, 3.six million) and "Parks and Entertainment" (1.7/5, 3.5 million), NBC barely held off ABC's "Wipeout" (1.5/4, 5.a million) for third devote the very first hour of primetime among audiences 18-49 (a minimum of among British-language systems: Univision's broadcast of Latin music honours special "Premio Lo Nuestro" averaged a stable 2.1/6 within the demo and 5.a million audiences overall from 8-11 p.m.). CBS ended up to 3rd devote the demo at 9 p.m. with "Person of great interestInch (2.9/7, 13.two million), which fell behind "Idol" and ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" (3.1/8, 8.a million). NBC was 4th within the hour, with "WorkInch (2.2/6, 4.3 million) striking a set low and "Up Through The Night" (1.5/4, 3. million) still losing a lot more than 30% of their lead-in. The Ten p.m. trophy for winning audiences 18-49 visited CBS' "The Mentalist" (2.7/7, 13.5 million), which edged ABC's "Private Practice" (2.6/7, 7.a million) NBC broadcast the night's only rerun, a chapter of "Grimm" (the Friday drama that's becoming a placeholder until "Awake" premieres in March) which was broadcast's cheapest-ranked offering within the demo (.7/2, 2. million). The CW offered "The Vampire Journals" (1.3/4, 2.9 million) and "The Key Circle" (.8/2, 1.8 million). Preliminary 18-49 earnings for that evening: Fox 5./13, CBS 3.3/9, ABC 2.4/6, Univision 2.1/6, NBC 1.4/4, CW 1./3. As a whole audiences: Fox 16.5 million, CBS 13.4 million, ABC 6.8 million, Univision 5.a million, NBC 3.a million, CW 2.3 million. Contact Jon Weisman at

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pilot Season: Lost's Terry O'Quinn Moves Into ABC's 666 Park Avenue

Terry O'Quinn Terry O'Quinn is desired. The prior Lost star, who's been recurring on Hawaii Five- this season, has showed up a web-based insurance lead role in ABC's supernatural pilot 666 Park Avenue, has confirmed. Deadline first reported what is the news. Terry O'Quinn joins TNT's Falling Skies in Season 2 Within the producers in the Vampire Journals, The Important Thing Circle and Gossip Girl, the project is founded on Gabrielle Pierce's book series a great innocent Midwestern couple who obtain the interview as resident managers from the Upper East Side apartment building in NY. O'Quinn may have who is the owner of the structure, where the people make handles the Demon to acquire their desires satisfied. David Wilcox is aboard to evolve it and executive-produce, alongside Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo. O'Quinn may even are available in a couple-episode arc of TNT's Falling Skies, which premieres its second season this summer season.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Grahame-Cruz Updates On Beetlejuice 2

Michael Keaton is excitedLast we heard, Tim Burton was waiting on Seth Grahame-Cruz for any status set of the lengthy-mooted Beetlejuice follow up. Grahame-Cruz just told Shock he has not written it yet, but he's spoken to Michael Keaton, and been completely urged to show around the juice and find out what shakes loose."I met with Michael a week ago,Inch states Seth, "and the excitement level is big. We spoken for a few hrs about large-picture stuff. He's been thinking of doing it for 20 many he'll speak with anybody about this who'll listen!"Incredibly, it's really been more than that, because the original Beetlejuice first terrorised audiences in 1988. Since that time we have were built with a kooky cartoon series and there is talk for any very long time a good official follow up in Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian, which eventually found nothing.Grahame-Cruz states that this time around, Beetlejuice 2 is greatly a going concern: "It is a priority for Warners and it is important for Tim." But he's keen to stress he does not wish to taint the very first movie. "I've got a huge reverence for Tim along with a huge reverence for your film generally,Inch he promises. "I do not think we ought to get it done as we shit around the legacy. Michael concurs. So, at this time, it remains to appear. I've got a handful of story ideas, but we are very early out."The writer's immediate next project is definitely an animated film for Burton, which he'll follow having a script for his comic-book adaptation Unholy Evening. It's only after individuals two that he'll have the ability to turn his full focus on the ghost most abundant in.The Grahame-Cruz-composed Dark Shadows has gone out within the United kingdom on May 11, and Abraham Lincoln subsequently: Vampire Hunter follows on August 2.

Friday, February 10, 2012

South By Southwest Festival Lines Up Horror Schedule

Better late than never! Even though Healing For Healing For Peter Jackson as well as the relaxation in the cast of "The Hobbit" are actually busy filming the arrival two films in Nz, there has been still apparently figures left being cast. But forget about. Deadline is verifying that Billy Connolly originates aboard to do something as Dain Ironfoot. The dwarf warrior might be the 2nd cousin of mind dwarf Thorin Oakenshield. Why Connolly could register so late in the sport is really because the level of smoothness of Dain only has just a little role in "The Hobbit," and likely will simply are available in the second "Hobbit" film, "There and Again,Inch which comes to 2013. Though Dain features a bigger role inside the "Master in the Rings" mythology, in "The Hobbit" he only appears after Thorin asks him to help the dwarves by themselves pursuit to reclaim Erebor. After he receives Thorin's request, Dain sets by helping cover their an military of numerous hundred dwarves and arrives just with time to help his second cousin inside the Fight of 5 Armies, a meeting that occurs within the finish of "There and Again.Inch To keep this relatively spoiler free, let's just condition that Dain steps in to a bigger role once the fight concludes. "We are in a position to not consider an even more fitting actor to see Dain Ironfoot, the staunchest and many difficult of Dwarves, than Billy Connolly, the big Yin themselves," Jackson mentioned in the statement to Deadline. "With Billy walking into this role, the cast of 'The Hobbit' is becoming complete. We cant wait to find out him round the Battleground!" Connolley joins a star-studded cast including Martin Freeman, Ian McKellan, Andy Serkis, Luke Evans, Evangeline Lilly, Richard Armitage, Aidan Turner and James Nesbitt. "The Hobbit: An Unforeseen Journey" hits theaters on December 14, while "The Hobbit: There And AgainInch will premiere on December 13, 2013. You think Connolly can produce a great Dain Ironfoot? Reveal inside the comments section below or on Twitter!

Monday, January 30, 2012

SnagFilms shuts new round of financing

SnagFilms has closed a completely new seven-figure financing round specific at accelerating its growth. The business introduced Monday that current traders participated, including SnagFilms founder and chairman Ted Leonsis, Steve and Jean Case's Situation Foundation Endeavors, the John S. and James L. Dark evening Foundation, New Enterprise Affiliate marketers (NEA) and Comcast Interactive Capital (CIC). It's also attracted investment from Terry Semel (who also joins the board) and David Fialkow, co-founder and controlling director of General Catalyst Partners. SnagFilms mentioned it's arranged its first debt facility with Plastic Valley Bank and contains $7 million in available equity and debt financing. "The completely new funding is going to be utilized by SnagFilms to improve a library of high-quality independent films that now amounts greater than 3,000 game game titles and includes imaginary films furthermore to documentaries continue its technology development to provide films across all digital platforms and items and market its films in many channels," the business mentioned. SnagFilms mentioned it is on greater than 100 items, including 95% of pills, and contains distribution with Comcast and FiOS video-on-demand with digital pay-on-demand platforms iTunes, Hulu, Amazon . com . com and YouTube Movies. It will rapidly launch on DirecTV and digital streaming companies Vudu, Samsung Media Hub and Xbox 360 360 Live. Former Warner Bros. and Yahoo topper Semel mentioned, "Movie art galleries don't have a monopoly on great tales, yet small distribution companies find it hard to assemble the footprint necessary to acquire a scale audience. SnagFilms has that base -- the needed contracts and associations to distribute thousands of great tales, while using capital required to guide its area." Contact Dork McNary at

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Segel Is Harvard Rash Pudding Guy Of The Season

First Released: The month of january 24, 2012 8:46 AM EST Credit: Getty Images Caption Jason Segel talks throughout the CBS area of the 2012 Television Experts Association Press Tour in the Langham Huntington Hotel and Health spa on in Pasadena, Calif., on The month of january 11, 2012CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Actor Jason Segel can also add a Rash Pudding pot award to his career highlights. Harvard Universitys Rash Pudding Theatricals on Monday named Segel its Guy of the year. A student group may be the nations earliest undergraduate drama troupe. Itll host a parade and roast for Segel on February. 3. Segel got his begin in rapid-resided but significantly acclaimed television series Freaks and Nerds. He later authored and starred within the 2008 movie Failing to remember Sarah Marshall, which gained a lot more than $100 million worldwide. And that he co-authored and starred in last years The Muppets. He plays Marshall Eriksen around the CBS comedy The Way I Met Your Mother. This past year, Jay Leno won the Rash Pudding award, which recognizes outstanding artists. Actress Claire Danes continues to be named this year's Lady of the season. Copyright 2012 through the Connected Press. All privileges reserved. These components might not be released, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Friday, January 20, 2012

VIDEO: Local News Station Re-Enacts Trial with Puppets

The Puppet's Court Each time a Cleveland judge banned news cameras in the courtroom docket for just about any federal corruption trial, a close news station needed a unique, amusing answer to covering it: They re-passed the trial using puppets. "The testimony is real, the puppets aren't, tonight... inside the Puppet's Court," an not named but clearly amused WOIO anchor states. Have a look at really current day top videos But merely because the testimony continues to be read by cute, fluffy animals does not necessarily mean it's G-rated. Watch becoming an innocent-searching squirrel holds forth about hookers, genital warts hpv warts and stolen fridges:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ex-Miss USA Appears On Drunken Driving Charge

First Launched: The month of the month of january 18, 2012 11:40 AM EST Credit: WireImage Caption Miss Michigan Rima Fakih wins this year's Miss USA Pageant at Planet Hollywood Casino Resort in Las vegas, Nevada on May 16, 2010 HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. -- Former Miss USA Rima Fakih constitutes a preliminary appearance in the Detroit-area courtroom in the drunken driving situation. A judge inside the Detroit enclave of Highland Park on Wednesday set a March 14 trial date, but lawyers on sides mentioned they planned to talk to ensure that they are able to resolve the problem sooner. Following a hearing, Fakih told reporters she was sorry and her lawyer didnt want her to go over the problem. Shop dead they found an empty bottle of champagne on the floor behind the drivers chair when Fakih was stopped 12 ,. 3. She was billed with driving 60 mph in the 2011 Jaguar and weaving through traffic without requiring a sign. The 26-year-old former Miss Michigan won the Miss USA Pageant in May 2010. Copyright 2012 with the Connected Press. All rights reserved. These elements is probably not launched, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Phantom Menace three dimensional Posters

Here comes pod!Unless of course you have been residing in the watery areas of Naboo, you know that George Lucas continues to be busy three dimensional-ifying the The Exorcist canon when preparing with sailing a universe of Jedi wonderment at our eyeballs within the next couple of years. With The Exorcist: Episode I - The Phantom Menace the first one to hit our screens the following month, ComingSoon (via Kino Gallery) has laid its on the job five brand new posters to advertise the movie's re-release.The posters really are a nice throwback towards the high points from the film, Darth Maul especially, while Jar-Jar is constantly on the languish in certain type of intergalactic illustrator dungeon. Nothing as dazzling as that amazing first teaser poster, but ample to obtain our juices flowing. Click the posters to enlarge. Lucasfilm has released a trailer for that re-release, which you'll watch here. three dimensional postersThe Exorcist: Episode I - The Phantom Menace has gone out within our movie theaters in three dimensional on Feb 9.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Apple still core of show

People asking about Apple's absence within the Electronic Products Show are asking the wrong question, in line with the Electronic Products Assn's chief economist Shawn DuBravac."The key factor, in my opinion, is always that we're developing a hardware core," DuBravac mentioned, meaning a standardized platform that could support an entire industry of add-ons.For example, the traditional sized slots in auto dashboards aided make the vehicle stereo system system industry, and "the same hardware core remains developed" for Apple items, DuBravac mentioned.That might be seen at CES' iLounge, featuring greater than 300 participants, featuring Apple products.DuBravac added that "a year ago was probably the most effective wireless show in CES background I expect this to become more effective year." He predicted the emergence of "superphones," using the capabilities from the PC in the mobile phone form. Again, another jerk for the impact of Apple's apple apple iphone. Contact David S. Cohen at

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Uma Thurman Brings Smiles and Bears to Ill Children

Duncan Stewart, director of casting at National Artists Management Company, talks about opening every submission and what he wants to see in a headshot.; casting; Duncan Stewart; headshot; NY city; open submissions; Duncan Steward, director of casting, talks about what he wants from an actor in a general meeting, mainly truth, likability, and lack of ego.; advice; casting; Duncan Stewart; NY city; tips; Duncan Stewart, director of casting, talks about what he expects from an audition and common mistakes actors make.; advice; auditions; casting; Duncan Stewart; NY city; Alaine Alldaffer breaks down the real role of a casting direcor.; Alaine Alldaffer; casting; casting director; Grey Gardens; play; stage; theater; Casting director Alaine Alldaffer talks about casting "Saved" and all the misconceptions about being an actor in NY City.; Alaine Alldaffer; casting director; NYC theatre; play; saved; NY casting director Bernie Telsey describes what actors need to know before walking into an audition. (Part 1 of 2) ; Bernie Telsey; casting director; We spoke with casting director Mark Teschner about working on soap operas. (Part 1 of 3) ; General Hospital; Mark Teschner; soap opera; NY casting director Bernie Telsey describes how to give your best audition. (Part 2 of 2) ; Bernie Telsey; casting director; We spoke with casting director Mark Teschner about working on soap operas. Need only beautiful people apply? (Part 2 of 3) ; General Hospital; Mark Teshner; soap opera; We spoke with casting director Mark Teschner about auditioning for soap operas. (Part 3 of 3) ; General Hospital; Mark Teschner; soap opera; Videos for the Back Stage News & Features section.