Monday, January 9, 2012

Apple still core of show

People asking about Apple's absence within the Electronic Products Show are asking the wrong question, in line with the Electronic Products Assn's chief economist Shawn DuBravac."The key factor, in my opinion, is always that we're developing a hardware core," DuBravac mentioned, meaning a standardized platform that could support an entire industry of add-ons.For example, the traditional sized slots in auto dashboards aided make the vehicle stereo system system industry, and "the same hardware core remains developed" for Apple items, DuBravac mentioned.That might be seen at CES' iLounge, featuring greater than 300 participants, featuring Apple products.DuBravac added that "a year ago was probably the most effective wireless show in CES background I expect this to become more effective year." He predicted the emergence of "superphones," using the capabilities from the PC in the mobile phone form. Again, another jerk for the impact of Apple's apple apple iphone. Contact David S. Cohen at

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