Monday, February 13, 2012

Grahame-Cruz Updates On Beetlejuice 2

Michael Keaton is excitedLast we heard, Tim Burton was waiting on Seth Grahame-Cruz for any status set of the lengthy-mooted Beetlejuice follow up. Grahame-Cruz just told Shock he has not written it yet, but he's spoken to Michael Keaton, and been completely urged to show around the juice and find out what shakes loose."I met with Michael a week ago,Inch states Seth, "and the excitement level is big. We spoken for a few hrs about large-picture stuff. He's been thinking of doing it for 20 many he'll speak with anybody about this who'll listen!"Incredibly, it's really been more than that, because the original Beetlejuice first terrorised audiences in 1988. Since that time we have were built with a kooky cartoon series and there is talk for any very long time a good official follow up in Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian, which eventually found nothing.Grahame-Cruz states that this time around, Beetlejuice 2 is greatly a going concern: "It is a priority for Warners and it is important for Tim." But he's keen to stress he does not wish to taint the very first movie. "I've got a huge reverence for Tim along with a huge reverence for your film generally,Inch he promises. "I do not think we ought to get it done as we shit around the legacy. Michael concurs. So, at this time, it remains to appear. I've got a handful of story ideas, but we are very early out."The writer's immediate next project is definitely an animated film for Burton, which he'll follow having a script for his comic-book adaptation Unholy Evening. It's only after individuals two that he'll have the ability to turn his full focus on the ghost most abundant in.The Grahame-Cruz-composed Dark Shadows has gone out within the United kingdom on May 11, and Abraham Lincoln subsequently: Vampire Hunter follows on August 2.

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