Saturday, July 9, 2011

Once Upon a Time in the Midlands

Originally from the Midlands, Jimmy is currently living in Glasgow
eking out a living as a hapless petty crook. One day, he sees his old
family and friends - including his older foster sister Carol, her
boyfriend/his old buddy Charlie, Jimmy's ex-wife and Carol's best
friend Shirley, and Jimmy's pre-teen daughter Marlene - on a
television talk show, they baring their souls to a national audience.
He has not seen any of them in years. Of note on the show, Shirley
rejects the marriage proposal of her slightly awkward live-in
boyfriend Dek. Jimmy sees her answer to Dek as a reason to head back
to the Midlands to reunite with his past, especially with Shirley and
Marlene. Dek, already humiliated, is less than thrilled to see Jimmy
back in their lives. In the ensuing duel between Jimmy and Dek for
Shirley and Marlene's affections, others get caught up in the
crossfire. Meanwhile, three of Jimmy's equally hapless crook friends
from Glasgow come looking for him, Jimmy who left them high and dry at
their latest heist and who absconded with all the money.

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