Thursday, June 16, 2011

ASK Equipment Sales (QLD) Bin Lifter Trailer 2

ASK Equipment Sales (QLD) Bin Lifter Trailer 2 [2]
ASK Equipment Sales (QLD) have developed a unique trailer with the
Dumpmaster Bin Lifter permantly fitted to the rear of it. The trailer
has a Steel Front Lift bin nestled into a secure area on the trailers
deck and the Dumpmaster will lift and tip 80L, 120Lt, 140Lt and 240Lt
Wheelie Bins from ground level up and into the front lift bin. Using
a specially modified Dumpmaster Bin Lifter, we have been able to drop
below deck level of the trailer to allow the bins to be collected
from the ground. No more lifting and possible back injuries.
Developed initially for one of Australias leading aged health care
facilities, this trailer lifter can be used extensively around
caravan parks, council parks, large sporting events to allow the
operator to collect a large number of wheelie bins and tip them into
a single large front lift bin for truck collection. This trailer
features electric brakes which are activated when the bin cradle is
on the ground to prevent an accidental drive off. For more
information, please contact Roland Brown on 07 3807 6113 Brisbane
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