Tuesday, June 4, 2013

'Anchorman' Ron Burgundy Is Getting His Own Newseum Exhibit

Ron Burgundy's dream was to tour the countryside with his family band, but he'll have to settle for a stop at the Newseum instead. The TV news anchor so memorably chronicled in "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" is getting his own exhibit at the Washington, D.C.-based museum devoted to the history of news and the First Amendment."Anchorman: The Exhibit" will open at the Newseum on November 14 to help promote the sequel, "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues," due in theaters December 20. The exhibit will include costumes worn by the Channel 4 news team in the original film, as well as props such as Ron's jazz flute and the whip wielded by rival anchorman Arturo Mendez in the movie's legendary showdown between competing news teams.A replica of the Channel 4 news desk will also be featured in the exhibit, where visitors can pose for photo ops. Visitors will also be able to film an "Anchorman"-themed news segment of their own (perhaps involving one of the National Zoo's pandas?).Cathy Trost, vice president of exhibits and programs at the Newseum, said that the movie poked at the "authority and credibility" that many Americans automatically apply to television news, and showcased how often "anchormen and women also are popular targets for pop culture laughs.""The exhibit explores the reality behind the humor of 'Anchorman' and tracks the rise of personality-driven news formats in the 1970s," Trost said.The exhibit will remain open stay classy until August 31, 2014. As for the legend himself, Ron Burgundy had this to say about the news: "I'm literally trapped in a glass case of emotion." Us, too.

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